Loose ends…..things that have gotten away from me over the past months and months and I’ve been remiss about.  I ran into one today …..my friend (at least I hope he still is) Roger Moore.  He was rightfully curious about whether our little project of me publishing his poem(s) is still on.  I said yes it was.

I didn’t tell him it was still in the galley tray I left it in waiting for me to do some re-formatting — a casualty of last year’s health mis-adventures.  I have been thinking about it quite a bit in the last while but with half a  fear of contacting Roger.  But as I think about it in the light of seeing him, I am somewhat excited about it again — actually more than somewhat.

When I left it last spring, I was experimenting with how to bind it as it is a fold-out poem.  I’ve thought a lot about the binding issue since then and, although it is going to be a challenge (or maybe because it is going to be a challenge) I think I’m ready to carry on carrying on with it.  Following is a picture I may have run before but maybe not.  It is of the situation not long before I left off.  After casting the poem in Ludlow, I decided it would look better in the Bembo handset I acquired From Michael Bixler.  The first page, as mentioned above is awaiting me on the galley tray…..”These are the shadows of things that have been…”


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