Out Of My Hands…

Well, a bunch of things have happened since the last little entry here.  Another weekend has come and gone followed by St. Patrick’s Day and several days of being right out straight with this that and the other thing — mostly trying to get ready for today’s scheduled visit from the NBCCD History of Graphic Design class which for the second week in a row was cancelled due to crappy weather.  So, that left today a little freer than I had planned and so, able to pretty much put the ‘finishing’ touches to the wood-working end of the little hand press.  Although it is all but finished, it actually still needs a lot of fine tuning and a couple of poorly fitting pieces re-made, but it is ready to pay a visit to the machinist’s for the metal work, which I cannot do.  So, here is a picture of it — not quite to the plans I included in a previous posting but with some variations (I will redraw the plans accurately once it is actually working)…..from here, it is out of my hands…


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