Well, I was at the Harriet Irving Library on the Fredericton campus of the University of New Brunswick (UNB) this morning.  I had to take the young lad (the youngest one) to look for a reference book for a paper he is writing.

Rather than sit in the car and freeze, I went inside to wait and, while there, put up an Aikido poster and look around.  To one side of the main door and in front of the circulation desk was a little roped off area with a compact looking high tech machine  in it.  Upon reading the sign by it and asking the librarian on duty, I found out is a paperback book printing and binding machine.  You feed your PDF file into it and your published book comes out the other end — cover and all!  Quite the little machine….. although they are just getting it up and running and working the ‘bugs’ out of it.  A little different from my operation though……



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