A More Or Less Big Day…

A more or less big day, today, after yesterday being a recovery day from the weekend.  Having finished pieces for Paula Keppie — recently-moved-back-to-Kentucky-local-artist/poet — I sent them off to her this morning.  Fifty (+) impressions of her poem ‘Surface Review’, here seen, literally,  in a couple of different lights —OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA








These are just the beginning for her.  She will work into these with only she knows what and create something I cannot imagine but that from past experience, will be amazing.

This afternoon saw my buddy, Rik Hall, here.  He paints with a local group, the Turps Art Club, of which I am supposedly a member but have been absent for some time.  Rik called a week or so back and wanted to come over and print a block he had carved last fall. So, today was the day, and it went well.  We used a German etching paper and printed it on the Vandercook SP15 …



















….of course, Gerty was interested in the proceedings and watching hard from her place by the window…


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