A Coaster, A Poster, And A Jo…..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…..A porcupine out on a limb.  You don’t see one of these every day and especially in the daytime, but this appears to be a fairly young one and maybe he/she doesn’t know enough to stay out of site and away from along the road where this was taken.  There must be quite a few porcupines as I’ve seen more than usual laying dead along the road.

This was maybe the high point of the weekend as my better half and I took a drive up to an open house at Megan Billings’ pottery studio on route 104 in the Hainesville area. A dandy little drive on a dandy little day.

The low point of the weekend was hearing about the death of Ian Lumsden, former director of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and someone I called a friend, having known him and Cathy for a long time and mostly outside the art end of things.  He was a real decent sort.

As far as things in the studio go, it’s been a little on the slow side over the past few weeks — and it has been a few weeks since I’ve done a post here.  About three weeks ago, Phillip LeBlanc was by to talk about his Fredericton Makers Space project that he’s been getting off the ground.  There was to be an event at the Convention Centre downtown featuring a number of those involved and he was looking to do something as part of it that visitors could take away.  We came up with the idea of  coaster/beer mat with info on one side and the logo on the other.  The interesting part was that the ‘type’ for rthe logo would be printed on a 3D printer by a friend of his and mounted to a block and used in the little tabletop Kelsey which I would take to the event.  People could print their own.  It all went well, I guess.  Here is a picture of Phil printing the info on one side and one of both sides of true finished product…










The next day after the big Convention Centre event, I had a visit from Sophia Melanson’s class from McKenzie College in Moncton. She had called me the week before and arranged it and they came over for two or three hours.  They’re were seven all together and they got to handset and print their names on the C&P and Ludlow set their names to be included in a poster I threw together for the visit.  They also got to print one of the beer mats from the night before as the little press was still inked up.  I’m still waiting for them to send me pictures of the visit, but I did take a couple of the poster….








Other than that, there has not been a lot going on print-shop wise…..a couple of things in the offing, though, but too early to say anything about.  And, though not really print related, I did get to finish the jo staff I had started for one of my Aikido buddies, Nevil.  The rough ‘blank’ that I had split out of a 2″ x 6″ piece of hickory has been taking up space by the door since last year.  So, between my not going away to the annual Aikido workshop in Lunenburg and my taking a little slack time, I got at it and finished it. I don’t know how it will hold up….the proof of that pudding will be in the eating but it appears that it might be a half decent jo.  Here are some pics of the progress…first the ‘split out blank….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…..next the hand planed and shaped jo followed by what it looks like after having been wetted down and scraped, fired with a torch ad sanded and then re-fired and oiled with tung oil and sanded again, and finally the finished jo after a couple of cold pilings and polishings and a hot wax polishing and a cold wax polishing…..
















….hopefully Nevil will be happy with it after his long wait…..

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