Chicago (#10)…

Well, it wasn’t ‘Saturday in the park’, but rather Wednesday outside Bouctouche at ‘The Woodchuck’s’ little Carving and Antique and odds and ends shop.  Twas there, after staring at the shelves it was on for five minutes and not seeing it, that the Woodchuck himself pointed out to me the little tabletop press.  He had remembered me being there last year and asking about printing stuff and said that I must have seen his little press.  I said no, and he took me back over to the open book case it was on and showed me.

I think the reason I hadn’t seen it was that I wasn’t expecting to see anything that tiny. That, and it was black like every other item on the shelves.  Anyway, I bought it and brought it home, and have now pretty much identified it thanks to the folks on the Briar Press site.  I am pretty much sure that it is a Sigwalt Chicago #10 — made sometime after 1910, I believe, in Chicago by the Sigwalt Company.  It has a printing area of about 2 1/2” x 4” and weighs maybe thirty pounds.  So, it is a cute little press!  This one needs a chase, a pawl for advancing the ink disc, a new roller, and some cleaning up and repainting. But nothing too serious.  I really don’t know what it’s worth in good shape but that is irrelevant as it is a great little conversation piece…


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