Catching Up…

Nearly two and a half months now……since my last post…..I’m falling into old and bad blog habits again.  Not good.  And it’s not because nothing has been happening. Summer has come and gone, though the good weather is holding.  Many of the leaves are now well on their way to fully turned and the days are really getting short — at both ends.

Summer saw me working with printmaker Alan Grabelsky from Baltimore.  He struggled with me and my ways as we tried to realize a couple of his images.  It all worked out ok. Here is one of his woodblocks(I’ll have to include the print from it next time)….


….He was happy and I was impressed, and enough so that I started my own printmaking efforts again.  I went back to where I left off with wanting to re-do my ‘Elements’ series in a larger edition and in a different medium, the first being an edition of seven each rendered as stencil prints.  This re-working saw me do them as enhanced linocuts in an edition of thirty-five (plus several artist prints for the kids).  They worked out half decent and in time to get them in Lyghtesome Gallery’s (Antigonish, Nova Scotia) annual print exhibition…..Earth, water, Air, and Fire….

Earth (Elements)

Water (Elements)








Fire (Elements)

Air (Elements)








I’ve since gone on to start another print — an arrangement of my Teardrops For Creation that I designed several years back but did nothing with.  That print is now at the messy stage where I want to tear it up and throw it away.  I will, though, stay with it til completion and see how it turns out…..then I may very well tear it up and throw it away.  Still a ways to go on that one…….


I also had the rare but very special opportunity to print the blocks opt one John Murphy who I believed died before his time.  His daughter, Alison, is the co-ordinator at the New Brunswick Crafts Council and, when she heard what I do, she asked me if I could print these woodcuts that he gads not had time or health enough to print himself.  I said I would try and, with a little difficulty and inventiveness, I did.  I asked if I could keep a set for myself and she agreed. The images are very nice and very well rendered in the wood. They inked and printed nicely….



….So, things around the studio/printshop have not been totally idle…with other things to mention maybe next time….

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