Rabbittown Press is located in part of older down-town residential Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada — more or less in what was known as ‘Rabbit Town’ in the early to mid-nineteen hundreds.  It is the sole proprietorship of David Brewer and occupies the ground floor of what was a two-storey double garage in the back yard of what was once his grandmother’s house and where he now lives.  Established in 2008(?), it is a letterpress print-shop that grew out of a print-making background.

Equipment includes a Kelsey 6×10 inch tabletop press, a Chandler & Price 8×12 inch New Style floor model platen press, and a Vandercook SP15 flatbed proof press.  A growing selection of handset cold metal type is supplemented by an assortment of Ludlow hot metal type faces and the accompanying Ludlow Model L Typecaster.

Printed efforts to date include a series of posters revolving around the months, assorted other posters, an edition of chapbooks printed for the launch and re-dedication of Poets’ Corner on the campus of the University of New Brunswick(Fredericton), several poetry broadsides, and a limited commemorative edition of Fredericton poet Bliss Carman’s first book of poetry, Low Tide On Grand Pre(printing and binding all hand done in house).



David Brewer – c’est moi – was born in Fredericton, grew up there, moved away from there, and moved back to eventually live in what was his grandmother’s and then his parents’ house.  I am an ordained minister with The United Church of Canada and is presently with two churches on a half-time basis with the rest of my working time and energy supposedly being spent in the printshop and upstairs studio in my back yard.

On a good day, the Good Lord has given me to be able to draw, paint, cut blocks, set type, or do whatever I put my hand to pretty much.  On a not-so-good day (or a bad one), I  find something else to do.  I started drawing and painting in the mid to late 1980’s and have worked in various media but really like print-making in almost any of its various forms.  I get lucky on a good day and have had or been part of numerous exhibitions over the years.

Rabbittown Press was to be a part-time business to go along with whatever part-time day job I might find myself working at.  However, having given away probably more than I’ve sold, it is not as business-like as I would have it and is at the present time something else.  What that is and what it will be, I’m trying to figure out and put some shape to.



More comfortable with older technology, blogging was to be my attempt to set off into the high-tech computer information age thing.  My first attempt was with Rabbittown Ramblings in 2011, but it gradually fizzled out.  It’s postings are still on line.

This present effort, Good Lord willing and I can get it off the ground, is intended to be a little more focused, and as much a web site of sorts as a blog.   However, with my life about a variety of interests, none of which are totally independent of each other and all working together to influence each other and my overall thinking, I dare say I will lose focus and as often as not other things will be the order of the day.


d.b. — March 21, 2013 (the first day of spring)


One Response to About

  1. Hi David,

    I found you by name, and then through Rabbittown Press, so I know it’s you. (Although my email just bounced back undeliverable. If you have a valid one, please email me!)

    I wanted to thank you for the hand-made notebooks that arrived in the mail today. They are beautiful, and your generosity is heart-warming. I also raise my hat to someone who takes care in packaging to a whole new level! Your handiwork is noted and appreciated! As someone who is known as a maniac for care and detail in this department myself, I salute you, dan ranks beyond me!

    The next time I have a printing project, I know where to turn.


    P.S. Maybe I can reciprocate by sending you copies of my two CDs? Unless you hate classical music — let me know!

    Dr. David Rogosin
    Professor of Piano
    Department of Music
    Mount Allison University

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