‘T’ Minus Two Days And Counting…

‘T’ minus two days and counting!…..that is tip my first afternoon at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD).  In preparation, I have been making a list and checking it twice of what I need to take with me.  The list includes the above little table-top Kelsey 6 x 10 press.  I dug … Continued

An Unusual Saturday…

An unusual Saturday…..no Aikido, a pending storm, and trying to get my head together for Sunday services that may not happen.  In fact one, Penniac, has already seen the writing that appears to be on the wall and has cancelled worship for tomorrow.  The problem, if it is one, in situations like this is that … Continued

Loose ends…..things that have gotten away from me over the past months and months and I’ve been remiss about.  I ran into one today …..my friend (at least I hope he still is) Roger Moore.  He was rightfully curious about whether our little project of me publishing his poem(s) is still on.  I said yes … Continued

(Storage) Space : The Final Frontier…

…Finally…….after several days of thinking about it and frigging and fooling around with it all, I have finished a long needed shelf for storing paper.  I’ve been lugging most of said paper around in the back of the van for three or four months with the rest of it taking up space in the living … Continued

….Aaaaaaand Did I Mention Laziness?

Once again, the time has come to make another attempt…..to maybe maybe maybe rise again…..to something a little different perhaps.  The word from WordPress is that they have renewed my ‘situation’ (for want of a better word) — automatically, yet.  They don’t miss a beat, especially where making a buck is concerned.  I wish I … Continued

A Rare Day Of Printing….

There you have it!  Type set, press inked and a one colour proof taken, type removed and spacing added and the first stage of a poster pulled…….This was a little job inspired by my better half who likes gardening and books and who saw a variation of this on the internet somewhere(with no credit given … Continued